Debit Card

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards – call our Debit Card Services Department immediately at 866/664-9364 24/ 7  for your protection.
To Change Your PIN – call the credit union at 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465 Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST or come by any 1CFCU lobby location.
All other Debit Card Issues – call 866/664-9364
  • Card Activiation
  • Blocking Card – Lost, Stolen & Fraud
  • Block Removal
  • Mobile Wallet Provisioning
  • PIN – Remove Bad Attempts – the card is blocked after three invalid PIN tries.  You must call to remove the invalid attempts.
  • PIN – Clue Mailer  if you forget your PIN, a Clue PIN Mailer can be mailed. (If you need an immediate PIN reset, you will need to visit one of our 8 branch offices)
  • Transaction Research Inquiries
  • Travel Exclusions – call and let us know where and when you will be traveling so your transactions will not be denied due to out of area transactions
  • Transaction Disputes – other than ATM transactions.  For ATM disputes you will need to contact the Credit Union at 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465.
1st Community FCU FREE Debit/ATM card:
Access your Checking and/or your Savings account worldwide, 24/7 with a 1st Community FCU FREE Debit/ATM card.
  • Works like a check – pay from your checking account
  • Get cash back at the merchant – request cash back when using your PIN at a merchant
  • Acts like a credit card – use it to guarantee hotels, car rentals, etc.
  • Can be used at an ATM – access your Checking or Savings account at an ATM
  • eGuard – we take Internet security seriously!  eGuard uses an automatic risk model to learn cardholder patterns and behaviors to detect fraudulent activity.
  • Automatic Bill Updater – is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on their system, typically for recurring payments such as email accounts, gym memberships, etc.  Members have the option to opt out of this feature.
  • Additional Security – All 1st Community debit card transacitons are monitored for potential fraud.  This means a transaction could be declined if the system determines it to be suspicious.  At that time our Card Services will text you if we have your text number shown as your home phone or they will call you at the phone number on record to verify that a suspicious transaction is a valid transaction so they can approve your purchase.  If you are in the process of performing a transaction and your cell phone rings with an unidentified toll-free number, please answer because it is likely to be Card Services calling to verify the transaction.  If you do not answer the transaction may be declined and your card may be blocked for future transactions. If you call Card Services back after you leave the merchant, Card Services will verify if the transaction was valid.  If it was a valid transaction then then they will unblock the card.  If the transactions were not valid, then Card Services will begin the process of a Fraud Claim.  They will refer you back to the Credit Union Member Services Department to reissue you a new debit card.
  • Names on Card – the business name will always appear on the top line and then the authorized signer’s name will appear on the second line.  If there is more than one authorized signer on the account, each one may have their own separate card.