1CFCU VISA Rewards Credit Card

1st Community’s VISA Rewards will pay you up to 2% Cash Back
as a Reward for Your Relationship with the Credit Union.

Why is 1st Community’s VISA Rewards program better for you?
• Up to 2% cash back on your net spend annually
• No rotating rewards categories.
• No minimum spend to earn cash back rewards.
• No maximum limit to your cash back reward.
• It is actually posted back as a credit to your 1CFCU VISA Rewards card on November 1st each year making it
immediately available for your spending.
• Just simply earn up to 2% cash back on every transaction every time you swipe your 1CFCU Rewards Credit

The difference in you earning 1%, 1.25%, 1.5% or 2% of your net spend each month depends on the following. The more business you do with the Credit Union, the Higher your Reward.
• Length of Account / Membership with the Credit Union
• Deposit, Loan & Credit Card balances
• Number of Credit or Debit Card transactions
• Active Checking, Loan or Credit Card accounts
• Direct Deposit and/or ACH Transactions
• IRA and/or Money Market accounts
• Your Credit Score
• Self Service Options – Online Banking & Audio Response

Our computer system monitors all activity on your account to determine your Rewards level for each prior month and then calculates the total to be paid on November 1st. VISA Rewards members begin earning immediately, but remember the credit card must still be active to be paid your rewards on November 1st each year. No rewards will be paid on closed accounts.