Lost / Stolen Mobile Device

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With the dawn of the 21st century, mobile devices have become more popular than ever before. A mobile device can range from a simple pager or cell phone, to some of the more advanced tablets. These devices are incredibly resourceful tools that allow their user to carry out their business nearly anywhere. This also means that they are a prime target for criminals because it allows the criminal to potentially gain access to your personal and financial information. In the event that your mobile device is stolen, here are some ways you can minimize damage.
  1. If your mobile device has a contract service and becomes lost or stolen, you should IMMEDIATELY contact your service provider and request to have them suspend or cancel your account. This may keep any unauthorized party from using the device effectively.

  2. Make a police report. Even if the police are unable to apprehend the thief, or locate the stolen/missing device, having access to a police report may help with insurance and serve as proof in case of fraud.

  3. If your mobile device was issued by your employer, you will need to let them know as quickly as possible.

  4. Change your passwords! Any accounts or services you used through the stolen device can potentially be accessed by hackers to see what the last password you entered on that device was. Many services and applications log you in automatically for convenience, so if the device is stolen, the thief will not even have to enter a password or account name. Immediately changing your passwords to all your accounts may prevent access to your personal information. These include applications such as Facebook, Twitter, your online bank account, etc.

  5. Notify your friends, family, and contacts. Identity theft runs rampant throughout the U.S. Letting your contacts know that your device was stolen may make them more aware of anything suspicious concerning someone claiming to be you.

  6. Keep a close watch on all of your accounts for any suspicious activities. This may prevent any attempts at theft or fraud. If it looks suspicious, report it!