Debit Card

  • Lost or Stolen Cards – 833/933-1681 24/7 for your protection
  • Disputed Charges – call 866/279-1399 from 7:00 am – 1:00 am CST.  Outside these hours you are able to leave a message and receive a case number for a call back
  • ATM Transaction Disputes – call 800/749-1465 or 325/653-1465
  • Card Activation – 844-463-6148
  • To Change Your PIN – 844/463-6148 even if your card is already activated.  You will be asked to enter your card number and other security information.  You will receive a response when successfully entering all requested information that your card has been activated.  Next you will receive options to activate another card or change your PIN.  Choose the option to change your PIN.  You will need to know your old PIN to change to a new PIN by phone.  You may also come by any 1CFCU lobby location if you don’t know your current PIN and we can allow you to set a new PIN.
  • Block Removal – 501/246-8497 or 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465
  • PIN – Remove Bad Attempts – the card is blocked after three invalid PIN tries. You must call to remove the invalid attempts call 501/246-8497 or 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465
  • Transaction Research Inquiries – 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465
  • Travel Exclusions – call and let us know where and when you will be traveling so your transactions will not be denied due to out of area transactions call 501/246-8497 or 325/653-1465 or 800/749-1465
1st Community FCU FREE Debit/ATM card:
Access your Checking and/or your Savings account worldwide, 24/7 with a 1st Community FCU FREE Debit/ATM card.
    • NEW!  Temporarily “Lock and Unlock” your credit and/or debit cards with Card Control on our mobile app to prevent any unauthorized transactions.  Use this feature if your card is lost or stolen or just to manage access.  It’s Quick, FREE & Easy – you can do it while you are standing in line to pay.  Click Here for a short video on accessing this new service.
    • Works like a check – pay from your checking account
    • Get cash back at the merchant – request cash back when using your PIN at a merchant
    • Acts like a credit card – use it to guarantee hotels, car rentals, etc.
    • Can be used at an ATM – access your Checking or Savings account at an ATM
    • eGuard – we take Internet security seriously! eGuard uses an automatic risk model to learn cardholder patterns and behaviors to detect fraudulent activity.
    • Automatic Bill Updater – is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on their system, typically for recurring payments such as email accounts, gym memberships, etc. Members have the option to opt out of this feature.
    • Additional Security – All 1st Community debit card transactions are monitored for potential fraud. This means a transaction could be declined if the system determines it to be suspicious. At that time our Card Services will text you if we have your text number shown as your home phone or they will call you at the phone number on record to verify that a suspicious transaction is a valid transaction so they can approve your purchase. If you are in the process of performing a transaction and your cell phone rings with an unidentified toll-free number, please answer because it is likely to be Card Services calling to verify the transaction. If you do not answer the transaction may be declined and your card may be blocked for future transactions. If you call Card Services back after you leave the merchant, Card Services will verify if the transaction was valid. If it was a valid transaction then then they will unblock the card. If the transactions were not valid, then Card Services will begin the process of a Fraud Claim. They will refer you back to the Credit Union Member Services Department to reissue you a new debit card.
We now offer our Texas collage debit card or Custom Debit Cards for the following schools with more to come: Click Here to View All the Designs
      • Angelo State University
      • Central High School
      • Lake View High School
      • Wall Hawks
      • Eldorado Eagles
      • Fort Stockton Panthers
      • Ballinger Bearcats
      • Miles Bulldogs
      • Crane Golden Cranes
      • Grape Creek Eagles
      • TLCA Eagles
      • Christoval Cougars
There is no charge for one of our new custom design cards. To get your new custom card just come by our Wildewood office in San Angelo or our Midland office to receive your card immediately. You can order your card at another San Angelo branch and pick it up the next day. All other cards ordered at one of our out of town branches will be mailed to you.