Mobile Deposits

1st Community Federal Credit Union’s Mobile Deposit is FREE and Easy through It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking
Now you can use your cell phone or other mobile device to scan checks for deposit – it’s FREE & EASY!
      • Mobile Deposit is available to members who are in good standing, who have been a member for at least 90 days and are 18 or over.
      • You must first establish your online banking presence from a pc (after your original login on a pc you are free to access the service through your mobile device)
      • Simply go to and follow the prompt to login for the first time to It’s Me 247 online banking
      • Once you have established your online access credentials you can download 1st Community FCU’s mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play
      • Now login to It’s Me 247 mobile banking app, click on the Move Money icon at the bottom and follow the prompts.
      • Just click to register. You will receive a response at the next processing time (within 24 hours) if you are accepted for the service. Members not in good standing with the Credit Union will not be allowed access to Mobile Deposit.
      • Log back in to the mobile app to check your approval, accept the End User Agreement and follow the prompts to make your first mobile check deposit.
      • Be sure to endorse your check with your signature, member # and the words “Mobile Deposit” before you take a picture
      • The maximum amount for an item to be submitted for deposit individually or for a daily total is $2500
      • Checks will be reviewed for deposit M-F at 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, 10:00 pm and Sat. 10:00 am CST
      • Once you have submitted your check, watch your account to verify the item has been posted to your account.
      • If an item is not accepted for deposit, a brief message will be returned to you explaining the problem.
      • Be sure to keep your check until you see that the item has actually been deposited to your account. It is a good practice to hold the check for your records for at least 7 to 10 days to ensure the check clears.