Mobile Deposits

1st Community Federal Credit Union offers Great rates with our Holiday (Personal) Loan Special.
Now you can use your cell phone or other mobile device to scan checks for deposit when you have the following qualifications:
    • You must upload the new 1stMobile app if you have not done so since December 1, 2015 for Mobile Deposit to work properly
    • There is no pre-enrollment necessary.  You simply enroll by presenting your first check for deposit by clicking on the Mobile Deposit tab on our mobile app
    • The maximum amount for an item to be submitted for deposit individually or for a daily total is $2500
    • You will be prompted to agree to the terms of 1st Community’s Mobile Deposit the first time you submit a check for deposit
    • Requirements for Members to Use Mobile Deposit: Member must be 18 or over and have at least one of the following: Be a member in good standing for at least 6 months; or
    • Have a checking account in good standing; or
    •                Have a current loan in good standing; or
    •                Have at least a 601 credit rating
  • Mobile Deposit is currently only available on personal accounts – No business accounts.
  • No checks payable to an assumed name can be deposited since those are considered business checks
  • Checks submitted through Mobile Deposit will be considered for deposit using the same guidelines and holds as any check deposit made over the counter
  • Checks will be reviewed for deposit at 8:30 am,10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 4 pm CST Monday thru Friday.  If items are deposited after these times they will be included in the next cycle.  Mobile Deposit items will not be processed on the week-end or on holidays
  • Checks will either be processed for deposit or a brief message will be returned to you explaining the problem.  Please be sure we have your CURRENT Daytime Phone Number on file in case there are any questions about your deposit
  • Once items have entered the process you will be able to track their status as Pending, Complete or Rejected
  • Only items payable to either the member and/or joint owner of the account may be deposited
  • Endorsement must include the words “Mobile Deposit”, your signature(s) and account number
  • Members agree to retain checks in their original form for 90 days after transmission to us until you have verified that the item has been posted to your account by viewing your account history through “CU Easy” Internet banking or “1stMobile” mobile banking