Text Messaging / Alerts


2-28-24 – The Credit Union has rolled out the use of text messaging to more effectively communicate with you, our member. This roll out will be in two phases.  Phase one of this program covers notifying you about critical account alerts, or an issue with your account.  Phase two covers adapting text messaging so we can offer a quick and efficient means to communicate with you.  1st Community uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your data. However, hackers can hack your computer and purchase your personal information on the dark web allowing them to impersonate you.  Your cell phone is the best defense for thwarting hackers, as we will now be able to reach out to you in real-time versus us sending you an email you may not read for several days.  Essentially, we are adding another layer of protection by notifying you more quickly if we identify an issue.  If you receive an alert and do not recognize the activity described, please contact us immediately.  You have the best knowledge of what is authorized on your account.

Below are the numbers 1st Community Federal Credit Union will be using to communicate with you by text:

325/274-4026 – Account Alerts                   325/399-4249 – Business Services           
325/345-4663 – Mortgage Lending             325/399-9476 – Accounting                       
325/274-4025 – Collections                         325/884-6928 – Marketing

325/345-5626 – Consumer Lending            325/399-9131 – Fraud Department         
325/777-8398 – Member Services               

FAQ’s About our Alerts:     

  • Account alerts will be sent from 325/274-4026.
  • Alerts affecting the entire membership will be sent from 325/884-6928. (ex. early office closures, special offers, new products and services, etc.)
  • Many of our alerts include an option to text back a key word or abbreviation to receive more information regarding the alert or who to contact at the credit union.
  • Notifications we send will include changes to your email address, phone number, mailing address, account password change, account enrollment into bill pay, when a new debit card or credit card is being sent out. 
  • We will send out courtesy reminders about loan payments coming due and loan payments that are past due, skip-a-pay approvals, as well as accounts nearing dormant status, accounts below par and returned deposit and loan payment notifications. 
  • If you change your cell phone number, please notify us immediately. If you have multiple accounts with the same cell phone number, you will receive alerts for all these accounts.
  • If you have a text enabled work number or landline on file with us, you will receive text alerts to this number as well. Please contact us and we can remove these from our texting data base.

Please do not “STOP” these alerts as it is the fastest and most efficient way to alert you to a potential problem. 

We have certain rights and responsibilities to our membership.  However, if you choose to “STOP” these alerts, and later suffer a loss that could have been avoided, if the Credit Union would normally be liable, the Credit Union will no longer be liable for losses incurred.  Further, if your actions compromise access to your account, the Credit Union is not responsible.   

We will NEVER contact you unsolicited and ask you to text us your account number, user ID, log in, password, challenge questions, code word, PIN or address. The Credit Union already has your information. We will never text you unsolicited and request information about your account or transactions.  We already know about you.  For your protection, we do not respond with names, balances, account numbers, or any other sensitive information via text.
Again, if you receive a questionable text appearing to be from 1st Community Federal Credit Union, please call us at the phone numbers you know 325-653-1465 before you respond. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Fraud is rampant!! Think twice before you respond to someone who is asking for your account or personal information.

This texting program and corresponding FAQs are subject to change at any time.
The latest information will be posted on this page.