Fraud Info/Updates

BEWARE – Here are some of the reasons fraudsters will try to get you to share your information or send them money.  DO NOT respond to them.  DO NOT click on unknown links.  Hang up and call the number or person you know to verify the contact or situation.  We are always glad for you to call the Credit Union to verify any unusual contact you may have received concerning your account at 1st Community.
          To protect your account at a financial institution
          Pay for tech support for a problem with your computer
          Pay for a family member in trouble
          Pay for an IRS debt
          Keep your Social Security benefits
          To keep your utilities on
          Pay bail or ransom

Below is information from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on some of our most current Fraud topics members are encountering.  They are FREE, quick and easy to read and could SAVE You Time and Money if you are prepared when a fraudster approaches you by phone, email, text, through your computer, or even in person.

Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes
Gift Card Scams
How to Avoid a Scam
Money Mule Scams
Online Dating Scams
Scams and Your Small Business