Business Department Staff

1st Community Federal Credit Union wants to be your partner in providing solutions for your business needs. Whether your business is large or small, 1st Community has borrowing, investment and technology to support your business in our ever-changing environment to make you successful. Contact Mark Clark, Corina Casas or Kate Ramoneda today to find out the products and services that best fit your needs.

Mark Clark
VP – Business Services

NMLS #2073671
direct – 325/224-3645
325/653-1465 ext. 3645
800/749-1465 ext. 3645

Corina Casas
Sr Business / Mortgage
Lending Assistant

NMLS #1276124
direct – 325/224-3646
325/653-1465 ext. 3646
800/749-1465 ext. 3646

Kate Ramoneda
Business / Mortgage
Lending Assistant

NMLS #1846075
direct – 325/224-3629
325/653-1465 ext. 3629
800/749-1465 ext. 3629