A2A (Account to Account) Outgoing Transfers

A2As allow you to send money from your account at 1CFCU to an account at another financial institution.

  • A2A is available for transfers to domestic banks only.  No foreign bank transfers are allowed.
  • A2A allows you to send money to your own accounts, to other people or businesses’ accounts at other financial institutions for FREE after the initial setup.
  • Just remember – once the transfers are sent out they cannot be recalled, so please be sure all set up information is correct.
  • Contact the Credit Union for the original set up.  We will send you the form securely to eSign to initiate the setup.  You can also go to Forms under the Resources tab at www.1cfcu.org  to complete the A2A setup form and fax it back to the Credit Union at 325/947-2481 or email it securely to 1stcomcu@1cfcu.org.
  • There is a one-time $10 set up fee for each Financial Institution you want to make transfers to.  After the original setup there are no fees per transfer.
  • To set A2A up Your 1CFCU account must be set up for online banking access because you will be the one making the actual transfers after the original setup, just like you transfer money between accounts at the Credit Union now.  The receiving account will show up in the drop-down box when making a transfer request.
  • A2A transfers can be setup to occur as one-time transfers that you initiate each time or they can be automatically recurring.
  • There is no limit to the number of A2A transfer, but there is a maximum $5000 daily limit to the receiving financial institution
  • Transfers initiated by 10:45 AM CST should be transmitted to the receiving institution on the same day.  However, we do not control the ACH system so this cannot be guaranteed.  Transfers initiated after the 10:45 am cut-off should be transmitted to the receiving institution by the next day.
  • All transfers are processed securely via the ACH (Automatic Clearing House) network.
  • If funds absolutely must be there the same day you may want to consider a bank wire.  There is a $25 fee to send a Domestic bank wire.