2024 Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting was an in-person meeting as required by our Federal Credit Union Bylaws held on Monday, February 5, 2024 at the 1CFCU Business & Mortgage Center at 10 am. We have been holding the past three meetings in a totally virtual format according to our bylaw’s “emergency exception to in-person requirement” due to COVID. However, this year’s in-person format was different than in-person meetings in the past. Those attending the meeting in person simply viewed the pre-recorded video link at the bottom of this page which included the 2023 Annual Meeting minutes and reports along with the results of the Nominating Committee’s board of director’s nominations. There were no refreshments served or door prizes awarded at the in-person meeting. The pre-recorded video is now available to view online at least until March 5, 2024.

Cash door prizes were awarded after the meeting by a computer-generated random drawing from the entire membership who are in good standing, with the winnings being deposited to all the winner’s Share/Savings accounts on February 6, 2024.

The following link below is a pdf that includes the Agenda of the meeting, the Minutes from our 2023 Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee’s report on the nominees to serve on the Board of Directors in 2024, along with the 2023 Annual Reports.   

2024 Annual Meeting Agenda & Reports

For more details on the nominees for the Board of Directors, click here to view the January 1, 2024, Horizon newsletter.

2024 Annual Meeting video

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